Friday, February 29, 2008

Gutter Cleaning

If you have not had your gutters cleaned in the past several months you may want to think about it. With spring rains around the corner, overflowing gutters can be a concern for any homeowner. When gutters overflow that water builds up around the foundation and slowly tries to work its way into your home. Further, ice damming can occur during freezes which we can still expect for at least another month or so. This is where ice builds up under your shingles and can result in damage to sofit and fascia as well as allowing moisture to build up inside of your attic and walls.
A typical single story home may be around $75-$100, 2 story home $100-$125 and three story and up around $150. Call Albemarle Window Cleaning for a free estimate. (434) 906-9228

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